What the Lord had Done for Us


I’d like to tell you about J.D., a hurting neighbor who came here to The Haven when he honestly had nowhere else to turn . . .

“I was at the bottom of a valley,” he told me. “And I knew I needed to come back up, but just felt hopeless, miserable, and scared.”

Thank the Lord, we had exactly what J.D. needed to find his way home again.

With your support, our Christ-centered 12-month residential discipleship programs help rescue, restore, and release men and women through Bible teaching, mentorship, life skills training, education, and job preparation each and every day.

 J.D. shares exactly how he gets through his days now, a world away from the life-dominating problems that brought him here: “We get into our Bibles and learn,” he explains.

 And J.D. is discovering that the strength that comes from other believers can keep us moving forward. “As we work together throughout the day, we pray together and talk to each other. You learn what real friendship is at The Haven . . .

“We learn about each other, and say what the Lord had done for us in our life!”

That sense of peace, productivity, and fellowship he’s found is all thanks to caring souls like yours. He’s grateful—and so is everyone blessed by you now . . . and all summer long!