Rescued, Restored, and Released!

Summer’s here, as you can tell every time you step out of doors. Even the nights are sweltering, and no matter how much I enjoy evenings in Anderson, I often can’t wait to get back inside.

But what if you’re someone like Spencer—a neighbor who knows just how black and miserable the nights can be when life-dominating problems have cost you your home. And your family.

Every Father’s Day, as much as I enjoy it, I can’t help thinking about broken homes like Spencer’s. And I pray for healing. I pray for hope . . .

The kind of hope caring friends like you provide each day at Haven of Rest.

That’s because The Haven’s programs you support are dedicated to helping lives like Spencer’s get back on track, facing their life-dominating problems head-on, and finding a new direction in Jesus Christ.

Spencer believes it. “I always had the fear of being alone,” he says, shaking his head at how his life had turned out before turning to Jesus. “Today, I don’t have that fear,” he smiles. “God can restore if you truly submit and just humble yourselves to Him.”

And I’m proud to say Spencer’s not only surrendered his life to Christ, he’s mending his relationship with his daughter, being a better father to her just like the Lord is to us.

Through the meals, help, and hope you give at Haven of Rest, shattered men and women like Spencer are being rescued, restored, and released! Thank you.