“God pointed me in this direction—to The Haven of Rest.” —Michael

Many people would say that Michael didn’t stand much of a chance—of having a life . . . or of staying alive for long.


“I come from what is considered ‘The Hood’,” he says, “you know what I mean: there was a lot of killing going on. A lot of crime.”

“One guy was shot and killed next to me. A few days before, another man pulled a gun on me—at the store! I’d just gone in one night and,” he shakes his head remembering, “down the street, another young man was shot too.” And he looks you in the eye as he tells you, “It was bad.”

But unlike so many who find themselves trapped on the mean streets surrounded by violence, death, and drugs, Michael knew there must be an escape.

He recalls finally taking a hard look around and telling himself, “‘This is not the life that you want to live’—one that’s going to see me to the grave or have me locked up for a long time. I was trying to find a way to come out of it”—alive.

That’s when a local pastor told Michael about The Haven. And God brought him here, where Michael embraced our name—literally—as he embraced Jesus Christ . . .

“Once I got to Haven of Rest,” he smiles, “I asked the Lord to give me rest!” And thanks to compassionate hearts like yours, Michael has found rest, peace—and hope.

Yet so many more lives on the line are still looking for a meal, for help, for hope.

And with your support, we’re ready to supply it.

In fact, our Christ-centered 12-month residential discipleship program helps rescue, restore, and release men and women each and every day by meeting basic physical needs alongside Bible teaching, life skills training, and job preparation.

Michael is thankful. “Once you have what The Haven offers, then you have a new foundation,” he says.

“And that foundation will help you be able to see—” how to live. Learn. And share the love of Christ.

“But you have to trust in the Lord,” Michael adds, knowing how fortunate he is. “God pointed me in this direction—to The Haven of Rest.”

Your support is crucial for those in harm’s way, like Michael, who turn to us when there’s no one else to care! Remember The Haven in your prayers and gifts, renewing and RESTORING lives!