“I wanted to come so I can get my life back on the right path.” —Linda* at The Haven

Your help is making a life-changing difference!

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After years of rebellion and recklessness, and filled with regret, Linda called her grieving parents. “On Thanksgiving,” she says, tears welling up in her eyes, “I told my Mom and Dad, ‘I’m ready.’”

“I couldn’t find peace where I was. I thought that by having liberty, I was going to have fun. But all it ever brought was emptiness into my life. So I told my parents I was ready, and finally I came here to The Haven.”

 “I wanted to come so I can get my life back on the right path. I feel like it’s really helping, being here.”

Linda’s so thankful we were here for her—and hundreds like her—with arms open wide at the holidays. Those whose lives are broken by circumstances or bad choices, searching for the peace and purpose God promises.

So as we serve more than 8,000 meals this special season, remember those in need like Linda.

For those who struggle, Haven of Rest is a place of refuge that is safe and stable and has an open door for all who are lost to find recovery and renewal in Christ. It starts with a welcome meal, safe shelter, life skills classes, and Bible study to equip them for changed lives—and thankful hearts.

*Name changed for privacy.