Thanks to your help in restoring broken lives

A 20-year road of tragedy and pain led Katy here.

 “When I was about 15, I suffered third-degree burns all over on my hands. I had to undergo lots of surgery, and when you get burns it’s not just a short process of recovery. So, I was on cortisone and other prescription painkillers for a long time. That’s pretty much where it all started.

 “I’ve been battling that dependence since then,” she says. Until finally, “I lost my job. Wrecked my car—then lost it too. I realized God was telling me, ‘you’ve lost everything . . .’

 “It was rock bottom.” 

Coming to The Haven for help was her only solution. “I had a sister who came through here 10 years ago,” Katy says. “I saw her at her worst and then her best after going through the program here. It encouraged me.” And like her sister, she suddenly knew, “This is where I need to be!”

 That’s why your giving and caring is so important, day in and day out, all year round. Without your compassion in action, far too many like Katy would never find their way back to purposeful, independent lives.

 “I'm definitely seeing signs of God working,” Katy beams. “It’s so encouraging, and it makes the process of getting better a lot easier. I’m excited to see what the future holds!”

 As a faithful partner in this ministry, YOU make that kind of possibility a reality for the men and women God guides to The Haven for help and hope! Thanks and blessings.