Jessica at The Haven


“It means so much—your love, caring, the going out of your way! I’m so thankful.”

—Jessica at The Haven

Imagine how it would affect you if you lost your beloved mother . . . on your 22nd birthday . . . 

For Jessica, it was the final emotional push that sent her into a downward spiral of depression where she turned to drugs to numb the pain. But her suffering had started years before, in a relationship where she admits, “I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused for five years.

“It made me lose my job, my home—and I’d already lost my only family when my mom passed, so I ended up homeless, living off the streets for two more years.” She would go without food and sleep anyplace she could find—even empty, abandoned houses.

But by God’s grace, Jessica finally found Haven of Rest!

Thanks to friends like you, The Haven is home and family to your neighbors in need, who have no one else to look to for help and hope, joy, and peace!

You’ll be glad to hear that Jessica is now well on her way to an independent, productive life. “God restored me in His time,” she says. “I’d been walking on this journey alone, but the Haven was there—and it’s amazing!

Jessica knows that remaining close to the Lord is central to starting over, and says, “I’m thirsty and hungry for the Word. I’m learning who I am again—and the person I can be . . .

“God has really opened my eyes and I’ve grown. I’m proud of the person I’m becoming!”

But so many others like Jessica are still searching for a place of peace and hope right now. And thanks to you, The Haven is here for each and every one of them.

You make that possible for Jessica and hundreds more through the meals, help, and hope your gifts and prayers provide.

Jessica smiles gratefully on behalf of all those God is placing in our care, “It means so much—your love, caring, the going out of your way! I’m so thankful—you’re an inspiration to all of us!”