He was Lost and Broken, but he’s now REDEEMED!

This season is a critical time of year for showing Christ’s love and compassion to our neighbors most in need. What better time than Easter to share our blessings by giving meals and hope in Jesus to every defeated person coming to us for help and compassion!

People like Joey, a local man who had lost everything and in pain told me, “From the depths of my soul I knew I was lost—broken and alone.”

Imagine how much it hurts to feel that way—especially at Easter—when so many are celebrating the Lord’s resurrection and power of redemption with family and friends!

Joey needed that redemption, just like dozens more coming through the doors of Haven of Rest this blessed season. And YOU have the power to share Christ’s compassion for these suffering souls with an Easter gift today to feed the hungry—and give HOPE!

With your gift and prayers, we can offer the love, care, and attention to physical needs Christ calls us to supply—starting with a hot, wholesome Easter meal.

THIS is the Easter message you can deliver in His name at The Haven right now!

But please let us hear from you right away . . .

Easter is right around the corner and it’s vital that hungry, homeless neighbors like Joey see Christ’s love in action with an Easter meal and Easter hope from a good friend like you!