Finding HOPE at the Foot of the Cross

As a friend of The Haven, you undoubtedly share Christ’s compassion for the suffering neighbors we serve at Haven of Rest, no matter what they’ve gone through or where they’ve ended up.


Redemption is for all: that is the message and meaning of Easter, and it begins at the foot of the cross—and where the stone is rolled away!

Just as the Lord’s earthly ministry taught us, redemption begins with meeting the most basic physical needs of those who suffer. Jesus fed thousands at a time, healed hundreds, ate with sinners as friends, and served multitudes! At Haven of Rest, we follow as closely in His footsteps as we possibly can, reaching our neighbors in need at this time of year with Easter meals—and Easter hope.

Of course, faithful partners in ministry like you are essential to that effort, which is why I encourage you to join me today in providing those meals and this hope to “the least of these” Matthew 25:40 NIV.

 There’s simply no time like Easter to feed the hungry and GIVE HOPE!

 And we can do it this special season with your faithful praying, your generous giving, perhaps even your offer to volunteer time and talent in service to our hungry and homeless neighbors. What a tremendous way to celebrate Easter this year!

So thank you, God bless you, and as Easter Sunday approaches and you worship the resurrected Lord with family and friends, remember those still in need of redemption, rebirth, and renewal this spring.

They need hope . . . they need Christ . . . they need YOU!