Easter hope!


Most of the men and women who come to The Haven have hit rock-bottom. Prior their arrival at Haven of Rest, their futures looked hopeless. Lost jobs, lost homes, lost families, lost dignity, and lost hope.

You can help them rise again this Easter! 

Easter is such a special time at Haven of Rest. You and I would have no future if it weren’t for the hope that Easter offers! Easter symbolizes new life.

Andy needed a new life. 

His childhood was full of brokenness- an absent father, a mother who worked all the time and began to abuse pain medication. Once he got to high school, Andy was forced to enter the adult world without the support of a loving family.

Many of the people you help at The Haven don’t have a “traditional” family – it’s part of the reason why they end up turning to drugs or alcohol.

In addition to the meals, shelter, and beds you provide when you give to The Haven, you are also providing a support system for the men and women under our care. Each man or woman is mentored and discipled by people who pour into their lives on a regular basis.

The new life our clients have includes new family members—brothers and sisters in Christ.

“I have learned while at the Haven that no matter what my past was like, God has always loved me and has been waiting for me to call on Him. He knew what it was going to take to get me to give up my life of brokenness. I am thankful for His patience with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of this wonderful ministry! I now have brothers in Christ and friends for life because of The Haven.”

You can imagine how Andy and others at The Haven felt when they experienced the love of people who truly cared for the first time. Thank you for making this new life possible.

Monthly contributors, like you, help the Haven provide HOPE in the form of shelter, meals, a warm bed, Bible teaching, job training, but most importantly, the love and forgiveness of Jesus!

This Easter you can give men like Andy a new life…a new family. Click here to help!

Every gift will help provide hope and new life to a man or woman in need. At Haven of Rest, we seek to provide hope every day. Hope that there is life apart from addiction, homelessness, and other broken lifestyles.

“Easter reminds me of the new life I have in Christ and the new family I have. I am so thankful.” Andy says humbly.

Thank you for caring! Let His love fill your life this season.


With God’s Grace and Blessings, Stu Butler, Executive Director/CEO

P.S. Your gift will guarantee that a man or woman will receive help and hope. Please send a gift today to help people like Andy! 

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