“She Told Me About The Haven . . .” —Chelsey

Your help is vital to restoring lives like hers!


“My mom was in and out of my life,” Chelsey says, her voice barely a whisper. “And I didn’t really grow up with a dad.”

“So I guess as a child or a young teenager, I got involved with the wrong people,” she admits. “The wrong life and wrong path. I was just . . . on my own . . .”

That loneliness and isolation Chelsey felt from such an early age never really left her. “My life was very dark and depressing,” she says. “And I ended up in a really bad, abusive relationship.”

But in the midst of that life-dominating crisis, God remembered her. Out of the blue, “A lady contacted me,” she says, shaking her head. “I told her I wasn’t doing well.” Then Chelsey smiles. “And she told me about The Haven . . .

Thank the Lord we were here for her—our doors and our hearts wide open to welcome her, thanks to the prayers and generous compassion of this community of faith you’re a part of.

Without YOU, The Haven simply couldn’t welcome those in need with open arms, a meal, and hope in Christ.

So as we serve meals—and see those bound by life-dominating problems rescued, restored, and released, while experiencing the love of the Lord Jesus—please pray and stay involved, as He leads, so no struggling neighbor like Chelsey is left out . . . or left behind.

Your partnership gives hope and encouragement as you renew and RESTORE lives with your support. Thank you!