“I knew this was my last shot..” —Craig


Craig will never forget the moment. Ruined by addiction to prescription medication due to an injury, soon he was led to anything to stop the pain. Craig hit rock bottom without a stop along the way.

“I was sitting in a hotel room,” he recalls. “My mother’s health had been failing. My father wouldn’t speak to me. My brother and I hadn’t spoken in five years, and I’d seen his three daughters born and growing only through pictures. I’d been awake for days inside a void: I was stuck inside myself . . . and it’s hard to take care of yourself, if yourself is all you have.

That was the moment God answered Craig’s silent cry for help: “I opened the phone book and there was Haven of Rest. I called them in desperation. I knew this was my last shot. I was told to be there Monday morning. The rest of the weekend was torture coming off all the drugs. I look back now and know the Lord touched me that day, gave me extra grace and mercy to be here.”

Nothing is more important than family—especially at Thanksgiving. And Craig’s discovery of the path to biblical recovery came just in time to heal the deep wounds between himself and his family.

“My dad called me to tell me my mom was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). I remember going to the hospital, seeing mom, and saying, ‘Mom, I didn't know it would end like this.’” But God wasn’t finished with the change in Craig’s life. Marveling, he says, “I had never heard my mom even say Jesus’s name, but when she came briefly out of a 43-day coma, she told me she had a relationship with the Lord. A miracle,” he adds, wiping tears from his eyes.

“To see a glimpse of God’s plans and timing amazes me,” he says. “The love shown here was exactly what I needed—weneeded. I can’t thank you enough.”

Yet nothing could happen at The Haven without support like yours—which is never more vital than during the holidays, when the need is so great and your help means so much. 

Blessings to you and yours for giving meals, hope, and thanks this season!